Key Specifications/Special Features:
This product has CE and FDA certificates and meets European and American standards. And our factory is on the white list of Chinese export factories.

Product Name: 75% Alcohol wash free Hand Sanitizer Gel
Main ingredients: 75% alcohol
Capacity:300ml 500ml
Shelf life: 2 years
Usage: Take an appropriate amount of product and palm, rub hands until dry.

The Scientific ratio of 75% Alcohol effectively inhibits bacteria

Too high or too low concentration of alcohol can not completely kill the bacteria. Experiments show that the concentration of 70% -75% of medical alcohol has the best effectively.

Push-type nozzle reject secondary pollution
Press the liquid for convenient use and avoid touching the liquid outlet to cause secondary pollution.

Mild formula | skin-friendly | non-irritating
Gentle and refreshing with moisturizing essence to keep hands soft and smooth.

hand sanitizer/ spray bottle/ FDA/CE /alcohol 75%